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Smart Technologies for an inclusive world
Paris La Défense,  November 5th and  6th,  2020 

Information and Communication Technologies 

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Welcome to ICTO2020

Smart Technologies for an inclusive world

Paris La Défense, November 5th and 6th, 2020

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ICTO2020 is the sixth version of ICTO international conference that attracts multidisciplinary contributions on information systems from the areas of management information systems, computer science, artificial intelligence, security, digital transformation, big data analytics, data science, blockchain, e-marketing, operation management and supply chain mainly submitted by international scholars. 

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This conference is concerned with cutting edge and smart Technologies  (IoT/IoE, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence...), shedding light on their impact on organizations and more generally, on the society as a whole.

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Conference Tracks



Deadline for paper submission:                                       August  20th,    2020

Abstract submission for the Paper Devel Workshop          August 20th,   2020

Application for the Doctoral Consortium                         August   10th,   2020

Notification of acceptance:                                          September  10th,   2020

Camera ready paper:                                                   September   30th,   2020

Pre-conference Paper Development Workshop                   October 16th, 2020

Doctoral Consortium:                                                            Nov   6 th,    2020 


ICTO2020 Conference                                             November   5th- 6th,  2020

Presentation options:                             Online and Onsite-physical


Conference Special Issues 


Special Issue 1

Global Information Management

AI and Business Analytics

Special Issue 2

Journal of Strategic Marketing

Omnichannel Management

Special Issue 3

Review of International Business and Strategy

Global Digital Marketing Strategies

Special Issue 4

Journal of Asia Business Studies

Cutting-edge Techn. for the Development of Asian countries

Special Issue 5

International Journal of Tech. Diffusion

Digital Transformation and COVID-19

Special Issue 6

Pacific Asia J. of the Assoc. for Inf. Sys.

AI-based digital transformation for sustainable societies

All accepted papers at ICTO2020 will be published in Springer scopus indexed LNISO


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Smart Technologies for an inclusive world

Track1.  Technology and Sustainability


Track 2. ICT and Social Impact


Track 3.  Smart City 


Track 4. Data and Analytics


Track 5. Strategic Information Systems for Organizations 


Track 6. Digital Marketing 


Track 7.  Technology and Social Media Strategies


Track 8. Technology and Security 


Track 9.  Artificial Intelligence in Global Production Systems and Supply Chain Management


ICTO2020 is organized by ICTO association


At ICTO  Ethics, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (EDEI)  are the core of who we are.

We are committed to promote these principles and values across all of our practices, organisations and institutions and we strive to advance them into our cultures.